Case study on Creating Brand Identity for Online Delivery Platform

Branding an Online Healthcare Delivery Platform

Creating unique brand identity for a niche online healthcare delivery platform


The client offered counseling services, through a unique collaborative approach, for complex and rare medical conditions. Epulseline, the earlier name, and the visual identity failed to convey the richness of service offering. The client engaged us to explore re-branding possibilities.


The marketplace was getting increasingly crowded with online platforms providing physician listing, appointment scheduling, consultations and second opinion. The nomenclature had to suggest the distinctive nature of the services and the strength of a unique concept like ‘collective wisdom’. The word ‘counsel’ helped us elevate the level of service being offered from mere ‘consultation’. Unique brand identity and the use of distinctive colour palette helps to soften anxiety and also create an international look and feel. We also executed the comprehensive re-design of the website. Our design focused on ease of interaction, transparency and visual cues that would facilitate the visitor to navigate through the multi-stage approach.


The new brand identity has helped Medicounsel achieve a significant increase in the number of visitors and conversion during the pilot phase.