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Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Right pricing strategy coupled with effective communication can not only help bridge the price-value perception gap but also act as a lever for higher returns. To deliver high-impact healthcare marketing strategy, we focus on the right messaging, simple yet significant creative and effective media choices. It helps us ensure that investment in advertising for our client’s yields desired an increase in revenue and profitability. With our in-depth knowledge of emerging media options and ‘what makes the millennial tick’, we have created trend-setting marketing campaigns. We have observed how the absence of product-focused sales, and of training and selling tools tend to compromise sales force effectiveness. We have helped achieve dramatic impact in sales channel results through a well-executed multi-pronged strategy.


Our Healthcare Marketing Services include

– Market Segmentation & Positioning

– Brand Identity Design & Development

– Pricing Strategy

– Advertising

– Sales Force Effectiveness

– Digital and Social Media

– PR, Events & Promotions


Why Medium for healthcare marketing strategy?

– Expertise in creating the right communication strategy translating to effective messaging

– Delivering desired communication through multiple media channels

– Strong focus revenue and profitability for marketing investment

– In-depth knowledge of consumer psychographics and purchase behaviour

– Track record of creating trend-setting campaigns

– Track record of improving sales channel results through a well-executed multi-pronged sales strategy


Healthcare Marketing Insights

Doctors no more? – With increasing price regulations and a rise in the number of integrated healthcare systems, the role of doctors has shifted from decision makers to influencers.

Consumers or researchers? – The consumers today do their homework before visiting the healthcare facility. They are partially aware of their condition and treatment options. Healthcare today is perceived as a collective responsibility of the doctor as well as the patient.

Go Digital – Google says, 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments. We say it is prudent to be where 77% of your target audience is. For consumer marketing, mobile/tablet apps, social media and digital ads are showing the greatest growth.


Healthcare Marketing ideas

Reach for the consumers – Healthcare marketers need to increasingly target consumers and payers. With the growing usage of the internet for health specific searches, consumers today are more cognizant of the available treatment options. Consequently, they would be more inclined towards the brands/options which they would come across in relevant platforms.

Content shall decide – Patient-centric healthcare has given rise to increased transparency, and an empowered healthcare consumer. Search, sites and reviews are raking in the numbers. Healthcare marketers must adapt to this new reality and work towards a digital content funnel that would guide the decision making the journey of the consumer.

SMART In-bound practice – An easy to navigate website, an informational blog, lots of videos and info-graphic content and strong SEO attributes should do the trick.

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Pharma companies are under relentless pressure to stay relevant in an increasingly crowded and competitive domestic market place. Traditional growth areas such as anti-invectives are slowing, and chronic therapies are emerging as the new growth areas. Newer physician and patient outreach programs, are disrupting the traditional channels of sales-representative based selling. New product launches in the domestic market are at all-time lows, and it is becoming increasingly important for pharma companies to make the best out of each new launch.

In this challenging market, we at Medium Healthcare Consulting have helped Indian and global Pharmaceutical companies develop winning commercialization strategies. We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods and proprietary frameworks, depending on the type and complexity of offering, the market being evaluated, and the stage in the assessment process.

Some of our latest assignments included developing a Go-to-Market Strategy for an artificial dermal substitute, for a domestic pharma major.

Contrary to existing perceptions, marketing retail formats such as clinics poses its own set of challenges. Marketing starts right from understanding the target segments to arriving at a precise product and pricing strategy. This is followed by arriving at carefully articulated communication and marketing channel strategy. In case of clinics, the need for precise segmentation and targeting is even higher.


In this context, we have created successful sales and marketing strategies for a wide range of clinics, ranging from primary care to chronic care and clinic offering niche services. Our marketing and sales interventions have on an average resulted in a revenue increase of more than 60% post implementation of select interventions.

Given the need for increased differentiation and relevant consumer connect, hospitals need to define their overall marketing strategy starting from the product and pricing strategy to effective communication, messaging and the choice of right media channels. Unfortunately marketing in a hospital context is equated to sales, which leads to an inherently flawed strategy. Sales forms a distinct and important part of the overall strategy for the hospital. Hospitals need to evaluate their sales force, identify and create a distinct sales strategy for each stakeholder, followed by creating a precise communication strategy for each of them.

We firmly believe that a well thought out and meticulously executed marketing and sales strategy, should lead to a significant increase in the overall revenue of the hospital. Our hospital clients on an average have witnessed more than 60% sustained increase in revenue. A careful examination of the existing product strategy and pricing strategy is a precursor to creating the right marketing plan. This is followed by arriving at segmentation plan and communication strategy for each of these unique segments and sub-segments. In addition, we carefully examine existing sales force and their overall sales approach including sales story. We create suitable communication collaterals and a well-designed incentive plan. This is followed by implementation of interventions with a keen focus on delivering results.

In the current market context, the need for a robust Go-to-Market Strategy is even more important. The strategy should clearly consider market nuances and articulate value propositions for the product. The value propositions in turn would vary across stakeholders, geographies and city clusters.  At the same time, the need for a strong consumer connect can hardly be over emphasized. The overall strategy is quite different for the installed base compared to new product launches and commercialization.

In this context, Medium has a successful track record of creating successful go to market strategies for both existing and new equipment and devices in different specialties, ranging from Cardiology to Laparoscopy and Robotic Surgeries, to name a few. The strategy starts right from arriving at high level value propositions to customizing the same for unique target segments and defining the sales story. During the course of our research, we invariably end up identifying unique prospects who could be potential early adopters of the concept.