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Hospital marketing strategies

In today’s environment you have so much of competitive pressures on hospitals, all around the country, and now you also have increasing regulatory interventions. In addition, there is a growing trust deficit between the patient community and healthcare providers.

You talk about today’s patient who is a lot more demanding, a lot more discerning about what he or she expects from a healthcare provider and hospitals in this difficult scenario are struggling to increase their revenues.

Such a situation calls for an effective hospital marketing strategy to help increase the patient base in a sustainable manner. When we talk about hospital marketing and sales it is not just about smart planning, analyzing data, it is actually about execution because we think execution is what makes a massive difference, and which is why whenever we work on a hospital marketing project, we practically work as their own marketing department.

When we say hospital marketing, it encompasses a large number of things, it starts with understanding what your differentiation in relation to the target audience and with respect to the competition it is important for us to understand and define how are you different on a sustainable basis. We have helped our hospital clients with,

  • Positioning
  • Arriving at a Communication Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Media planning
  • Digital marketing
  • Leveraging PR
Why Medium Healthcare

We have helped hospitals achieve significantly superior financial performance through innovative hospital marketing ideas and our interventions. We help define high-impact hospital marketing strategies that offer an effective approach to enhance the patient experience, create a toolkit to improve process efficiencies and reduce costs. More importantly, our relentless focus on execution ensures that we deliver on-ground impact, and in a sustainable manner. Here are some illustrative examples of work done as part of the hospital marketing strategies implemented for our clients:

Our Work

Being the preferred hospital marketing firm, we have helped in

  • Defining and implementing a Marketing & Sales strategy for a large hospital group
  • Improving Patient Experience with measurable and sustained results for a large multispecialty hospital in Eastern India
  • Developing innovative healthcare delivery model, as a part of the growth strategy, for a leading healthcare services provider in Africa
  • Define positioning strategy and develop the brand identity for a large not-for-profit hospital
  • Performance Transformation for a large hospital group with a cumulative capacity of more than 1500 beds

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