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Our Perspective

Given the ever-changing nature of healthcare needs, public health has been a challenge even for the developed world, leave alone just the emerging economies. Accessibility and affordability have been the critical end goals. India at present suffers from triple burden of disease; continuing challenges with infectious diseases, challenges of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) linked with Lifestyle changes and emergence of new pathogens leading to epidemics. At the same time, innovative solutions are required for any healthcare program to have far reaching and intended consequences. It is equally important to maintain and deliver higher quality standards in government healthcare facilities.


What We Do

We help public health institutions right from conceptualizing to creating suitable solutions for defined target segments and impact measurement of existing public health programs. Equally important is the role of communication in ensuring reach and driving behavioural change. Here are some illustrative examples of the work we have done:

  • Detailed Business Model Blueprinting and Execution of Primary Healthcare in Urban India
  • Conceptualization and Blueprinting Community Owned and Managed Rural Hospital Network
  • Detailed Project Report on the Best Practice “Use of IV Iron Sucrose Injection for Severe Gestational Anaemia Management”
  • Generating Consumer Insights to drive Behavioural Change for public health initiatives
  • Quality Assessment and Improvement in Government Hospital
  • Mapping patient flow, capacity planning and subsequent redesigning of one of the largest government hospitals in Delhi

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