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Our Perspective

Other than sheer size, both in terms of population and geography the Indian market is quite heterogeneous; be it disease patterns, healthcare access or demographics. Companies selling to these diverse set of markets need to customize their solutions for each subset. Healthcare also presents a complex maze of diverse stakeholders; Promoter Owners, Physicians, CXOs, Referring Physicians, Biomedical Engineers, Insurance firms, Govt regulators and Patients. Each of these stakeholders is an influencer with starkly different set of requirements. It is imperative to address the needs of all stakeholders in this increasingly complex environment.


What We Do

We help Medical Equipment and Device companies create result oriented and implementable Go to Market Strategies. The strategy starts right from defining the product and mapping target segments to opportunity sizing and decoding drivers and barriers for multiple stakeholders in the product ecosystem. Our guided, but deliberately unstructured, approach to interviews, which are always conducted by our own in-house team members, has helped us capture behavioral nuances, arrive at rich and actionable insights and validate seemingly unrelated data. Here are some illustrative examples of work we have done:

  • Market Entry Strategy for a New Disruptive Technology in Renal Treatment
  • Market Entry Strategy & Business Modelling for introduction and growth of Robotic Surgery in India
  • Go To Market Strategy & Business Modelling to ensure early adoption for a niche therapy in Orthopaedics
  • Market Penetration & Retention Strategy to gain the lost competitive advantage in Cardiology
  • Market Penetration Strategy to Unlock the India Growth Story in Laparoscopy

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