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Customer Insighting

Leveraging Customer Insights to achieve multifold increase in CT Equipment sales


In view of extremely low penetration of CT Scan equipment in the Indian context, A large medical equipment MNC was keen to explore avenues to achieve multi-fold increase in the value CT segment sales.


Once we analyzed the secondary data, we conducted over 125 in-depth interviews across 15 cities with various stakeholders ranging from radiologists, senior surgeons and technicians to promoters, CMOs and CFOs. The objective was to get a deeper understanding of purchase drivers and barriers, competitive landscape, views on after-sales support and techno-commercial evaluation of product features. The study and subsequent analysis helped us define the low-hanging fruit: ideal prospect profile based on different parameters including geography, current usage pattern and financial strength. We also identified new market opportunities and recommended features, which could help augment product portfolio.


Annual sales exceeded target by a significant margin. It also provided additional inputs for development of a new product range aimed particularly at the developing economies.