Case Study on Patient Satisfaction Consulting | Medium Consulting

Implementing Patient Experience Interventions, Goal Setting & Aligning Incentives

Developing and Implementing Patient Experience strategy for a large hospital to drive word-of-mouth referrals


Desun Hospital was keen to enhance word of mouth referrals to reduce dependence on traditional sales and marketing channels. They engaged us to drive Patient Experience in a sustained manner.


We started with ensuring buy-in from everyone in the team through a launch event. We introduced Net Promoter Score as a measurement metric and helped set up the department of Patient Experience. Through ongoing training, we ensured regular and accurate NPS measurement with a large enough sample size to pinpoint pockets of improvement. NPS score and analysis were made regular points of discussion in the operational meetings to ensure integration. Factors influencing patient experience were identified and suitable action plan was implemented. To minimize detractors, concepts such as Rapid Response Team were introduced. Patient Experience champions, among employees, were identified and rewarded at regular intervals to reinforce the culture of patient centricity.


Our rigorous conceptualization and implementation has led to significant improvement in NPS score and sustainable change in identified processes.