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Why is healthcare branding important?

Branding in healthcare marketing or hospital branding assumes critical importance owing to the unpredictable nature of the healthcare business. The more powerful your brand, the easier it is for consumers to choose you and the less vulnerable your healthcare business will be to outside forces. With billions of information bits churned out every-day, a strong brand lifts your message above the white noise and earns you the right to be heard. A brand resonates with people and establishes an emotional bond with your customers, be they individual patients, providers, or payers.


Benefits of branding in healthcare

Builds trust – Trust is more vital in healthcare than in any other industry. Strong healthcare brands are perceived as less risky and better value by both consumer and medical professionals. The strength of your brand dictates bargaining power with payers, instils pride among employees and makes it easier to attract top talent.

Speaks directly to patients – In this customer-centric era, patients are empowered decision-makers. By positioning themselves as resources to a patient, strong brands build consumer confidence and shuns the image of just another service provider.

Relieves financial pressure – Changes in tax policies, uncertainty in healthcare reforms, and the need to decrease costs contributes to troubling financial times for healthcare companies. A strong brand instills goodwill that boosts customer loyalty and helps companies navigate these risks.

Mitigates M&A pressures – A strong brand lends immunity from unwanted overtures or takeovers. For those who seek to get merged or acquired, a strong brand adds value that boosts negotiating power.


Healthcare branding strategy

At Medium Healthcare consulting we take immense pride in creating successful healthcare branding strategies for our clients. Here is how we do that –

  • Discovering meaningful customer insights is vital for arriving at an appropriate market segmentation strategy – be it demographics, customer psyche, buying behaviour or disease profile
  • Understand the competitive landscape in-depth to arrive at the right positioning, and also to generate options for core messaging.
  • Lay the foundation stone for nomenclature and creation of a brand identity, which can effectively tell the story of the brand’s promise.
  • Explore the potential offered by a comprehensive re-positioning and re-branding strategy to ensure continued customer engagement.

With the enviable record of creating some of the most acclaimed and awarded brand identities in healthcare, we are one of the best healthcare branding agency in India.

Learn how we can help you formulate and fine-tune your organization’s business model.

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A well-articulated positioning strategy is a precursor to creating a unique and distinct brand identity for a hospital. Any brand identity should clearly communicate the overall brand story and in turn the brand promise. Quite often, even the established and successful hospitals need to explore the potential offered by repositioning and branding. In the current market context, a strong brand association is one of the important factors to create a consumer connect.

At Medium we have successfully created brand identities for a wide variety of clients across single specialty and multispecialty hospitals which have received numerous national and international accolades across all categories, not limited to healthcare. These distinct brand identities have witnessed a strong consumer connect leading to quick adoption and early success for the overall business model.

Investment in creating a distinct brand identity for retail formats such as clinic which tend to be the first point of contact with customers cannot be overemphasized. In fact, this is one of the first activities essential for the launch of the overall brand. An equally important consideration is the scale of operations. While the attributes and considerations continue to remain the same, the brand implications could be starkly different for a local brand, regional brand and a brand with national aspirations.

At Medium, it is all these nuances we take into consideration when creating a distinct brand identity for a clinic. We have a successful track record of creating some of the most well-known brands in the outpatient space. For us brand is not just a logo, it is a promise and a well thought out positioning strategy for a clinic.